Laser Anti-Aging
Middle and old age aren't what they used to be, thank goodness. With many baby boomers just hitting their stride, and lots of grandparents embarking on dynamic new adventures, there's no reason why the way we look on the outside can't reflect the vitality we feel on the inside. This means addressing fine lines and wrinkles, the most common sign of aging skin. Some people are genetically predisposed to wrinkling. Sun exposure and smoking are the biggest environmental culprits, though stress can also be a factor. There are many cosmetic antidotes that claim to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles — drugstores have shelves of them on display. Now that medical technology in this field is gaining more attention, consumers have started giving up on "lotions and potions," seeking scientifically proven methods of bringing out the beauty within.

A Better Solution
ActiveFX and DeepFX are fractional CO2 laser procedures performed in a single treatment with minimal patient downtime. During the procedure, a high-energy beam of laser light is used to smooth out lines, wrinkles and scars, remove brown spots and other irregularities.
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