Male Breast Reduction Surger in India

"Gynecomastia" is a Greek word meaning "women-like breasts." It is a common condition affecting 60-70 percent of males sometime during teenage years. Mostly these breasts are relatively small, regress spontaneously in a couple of years and do not become a cause of concern. Gynecomastia becomes bothersome when

  • Breasts are too large and showing through clothing. 
  • Causing embarrassment in wearing gym wear and swimming trunks or going shirtless.
  • Causing psychological trauma.

Gynaecomastia Surgery or Gynecomastia Treatment / Breast Reduction India can affect slim and athletic men as well as obese men. The best Breast Reduction for Men in India.

Anaesthesia : General

Surgery : Gynaecomastia Treatment excision and liposuction

Duration of Surgery : 1-2 hours

Hospital Stay : Daycare same evening

Recovery : Dinner same evening, moderate activity next day, joining back work in a week

Walking : Same day

Writing and Computer : Next day- Only as much as you feel comfortable

Shower : After 3 days

Exercise : Treadmill after 2 weeks, weights after 1 month or later

Driving/Work : After 1 week

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