Laser Hair Removal in Punjab

Laser Hair Removal is amongst the most popular services we offer. Advances in laser technology over the last decade have made it an excellent choice for those people who have unwanted facial or body hair.

The science behind the Laser Hair Removal Procedure

The science behind the procedure is that laser light is absorbed by pigment in the hair being targeted and this is converted to heat which then targets the hair root (also called the hair follicle). Damage to the hair root impairs and ultimately destroys its ability to make new hair. With successful treatment the hair follicle is permanently reduced in size causing permanent hair reduction.

Time required for best results with Laser Hair Removal

Typically 6-8 sessions are required to achieve best results with some women requiring more. Increasingly men have also started requesting permanent hair reduction for areas like the beard and chest. Men often require more sessions, because of a stronger hormonal drive for hair growth. Laser sessions are spaced 4 weekly to begin with with the interval becoming longer as hair growth slows down.

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