Obstetrics & Neonatal Care Jalandhar

Painless Delivery

Epidural is a small injection placed in your lower back, through which a fine tube (epidural catheter), the size of a thread, is passed into your back. Drugs can be injected through this tube to facilitate painless normal delivery. These drugs are local anaesthetics which cause numbing of the nerves and pain sensation without affecting the ability to move. These drugs are also very safe for the baby. With an epidural in place, you may feel the contractions, but they will not be painful.



Caesarian is done by low transverse incision with no sutures outside. (Almost scarless). Patient can go home after 2 days.


Like most child hospitals, we have a comprehensive vaccination program and all the latest vaccines are available.

The standard immunization schedule, as recommended by Indian Academy of Pediatrics is followed with no arbitrary alterations.



An incubator is an apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for a neonate (newborn baby). It is used in preterm births or for some ill full-term babies.


Phototherapy is the most common treatment for reducing high bilirubin levels that cause jaundice in a newborn.

In the standard form of phototherapy, your baby lies in a bassinet or enclosed plastic crib (incubator) and is exposed to a type of fluorescent light that is absorbed by your baby's skin. During this process, the bilirubin in the baby's body is changed into another form that can be more easily excreted in the stool and urine.

A baby with jaundice may need to stay under a phototherapy light for several days. Phototherapy doesn't damage a baby's skin.
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